About Me

It is kind of ironic story. I never thought cooking would be my passion. Could never imagine cooking for people. Growing up Haitian, I was around cooking a lot. Smelling the different spices and aromas in the air; as I would walk past the kitchen during the day or during family events. I could hear my mom and aunt now saying “you’re going to have to learn how to cook to feed your family” and I would just brush off the statement with “yeah right”. Years later Im putting smiles on clients faces from those same aroma smells at private dinings, corporate parties, and even back yard barbeques.


Chef Marc loves to create new recipes; while taking American dishes and putting a unique creole/Cajun spin to it. Chef Marc has experience in Caribbean, Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish and Southern cuisine. Chef Marc is available to provide memorable experiences for large and small elegant or simple events in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas.